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List of All Universities in Zimbabwe (Official Information)

The University of Zimbabwe is one of the best, leading and oldest universities in Zimbabwe. It is engaged in teaching and research and offers diplomas, degrees and certificates in various disciplines, including agriculture, Business, art, law, medicine, science, social studies, education, engineering and veterinary medicine. Study in Zimbabwe is the right choice for a student […]

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List of All Universities in Zambia (Updated Information)

To provide higher education, there are several technical schools and three universities have in Zambia. The Zambia Ministry of Science, Technology and Vocational Training was established in 1992 to promote the development of technical fields related to the University of Zambia. There are some missionary hospitals across the country that provide internationally recognized training for […]

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List of All Universities in Morocco (Updated)

Morocco is located on the north coast of Africa, only a stone’s throw away from Spain and the Mediterranean, and within the Middle East. French, Arabic and Berber are common languages, and the three Abrahamic religions are integrated with pagan beliefs. English and Arabic languages are taught in Moroccan schools. Casablanca is the most famous […]

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List of All Universities in Italy (Updated)

Italy is one of the richest civilizations in the world, incorporating the customs and traditions of its 20 regions. Italy is located in the heart of southern Europe and has many landscapes: from alpine ski trails in the north to Mediterranean beaches in the south. Italy undoubtedly has many charms that attract tourists and international […]

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