List of All Universities in Uganda (Official Information)

Uganda is an independent East African landlocked country. In 1962, the country achieved independence from the British ruler. In the past, the country struggled with the dictatorship of Idi Amin in the 1970s and the civil war in the 1980s. Yoweri Museveni contributed to Uganda’s relative economic and political stability. The scenery is one of the most beautiful in the world, and the spectacular Lake Victoria is the country’s main tourist attraction. In Africa, Victoria is the largest lake which is also the largest tropical lake in the world. The lake was named after the British Emperor. The main industries in Uganda are cotton, tobacco, sugar and textiles.

Universities in Uganda

The capital city of Uganda is Kampala and it is also the largest city of political and industrial places in the country. Kampala is also home to Uganda’s largest and most well-known higher education institution. Makerere University is the biggest and famous university which was established in 1922. There are many tribal languages ​​in Uganda, but the official language is English, which is the most commonly used language in colleges and universities and the government.

Universities in Uganda

Uganda’s colleges, medical colleges, law colleges, engineering colleges and universities are highly regarded and well-known in the education sector. These institutions continue to provide prestigious bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate programs for their students. In this post, you will get a complete list and their links to all universities in Uganda.

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Universities in UgandaUniversities in UgandaList of all Universities in Uganda

Public Universities

Military Universities

Private Universities

Here are the best and popular colleges and Universities in Uganda which is really important to know as a Ugandan Citizen. It is also important to gather knowledge for international students. It will help you to get admission to those universities. Just click the link and browse their website.

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