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List of All Universities in Australia (Official Information)

There are 42 universities in Australia. Among them 37 are public universities, 3 are private universities and 2 are international universities. Australian educational institutions rank well in terms of student satisfaction, employability, quality of life and student community awareness. Melbourne and Sydney are among the top five best cities for student learning. Both cities have […]

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List of all Universities in Malaysia Official Information

This is a complete list of universities in Malaysia. Malaysia is generally divided into public and private universities. Private universities are well-renowned include with foreign universities and locally established universities. Public universities in Malaysia are operated by the government and these universities are run by self-managed institutions while private universities are operated by several fund-collecting […]

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List of All Universities in Taiwan (Updated Information)

The Republic of China is Taiwan’s official name. Taiwan is surrounded by its neighboring countries including Japan, Phillippines, China. Taiwan’s main island size is 35,808 square kilometers. Taiwan has state-owned government universities, Science and technological universities, open universities, arts and sports universities, educational universities and private universities. Taiwan’s higher education system is very rich and […]

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List of All Universities in New Zealand (Official Information)

This is a complete list of New Zealand state-owned universities. New Zealand higher education is provided by Government universities, institutes of technology and polytechnics, Industrial related training organizations, private universities and other organizations. The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) is responsible for ensuring the quality of all courses and higher education institutions outside of universities. […]

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List of All Universities in Brunei (Updated Information)

This is a list of universities and colleges in the eastern country Brunei Darussalam. There are Full-fledged public and private universities and colleges throughout the country. Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) was established as the first university in Brunei. The university was established in 1985 and it became the biggest university in terms of student enrollment […]

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