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List of All Universities in Norway (Official Information)

Norway is famous for its mountains, fjord coastline, nautical history, unique coastal life, midnight sun in summer and excellent Winter Olympic performances. For the international study, the country of Norway is a popular choice, offering numerous university choices, including university admissions. Partly due to its offshore oil and gas reserves, Norway’s per capita income ranks […]

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List of All Universities in Sweden (Updated)

Modern Sweden has the world’s highest level of wealth equality. It is known for its sense of fairness and social justice. According to the scenery of northern European beauty and free tuition for EU students (recently a fee for non-EU students), studying in Sweden is very attractive. As you might expect, the economy is a […]

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List of All Universities in Ireland (Updated)

It is worldwide recognized that international students first choose Ireland as a European country because Many universities in Ireland have impressive rankings at the international level. The combination of diverse higher education institutions with historic cities, beautiful countryside and unique Irish culture make the country an attractive study destination. Click on the tabs below to […]

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List of All Universities in Spain (Updated)

Spain is one of the most popular visited countries in the European Union and many international students choose their study destination due to its interesting cultural lifestyle. The country of Spain has a long history, whether in a big city, in the countryside beach, it can bring you a fascinating experience. Spanish universities are always […]

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List of All Universities in Iran (Updated)

Iranian education is centralized and divided into K-12 education and higher education. Basic education is supervised by the Ministry of Education, and higher education is supervised by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. In Iran, higher education providing institutions are polytechnics, community colleges, Medical Colleges, different […]

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