List of All Universities in Greece (Official Information)

The history of Greece is one of the ancient, longest and most comprehensive in the world. After all, this is the birthplace of academia, this is the hometown of Aristotle, Homer, Hippocrates, Socrates, Pythagoras, and Plato. The work of these people continues to influence the world today. Not only that, but Greece is actually the place where the concept of democracy first came into being, and it was also the first place to host the Olympic Games. Athens is the Greek capital which has an extraordinary ancient history and a lively, cosmopolitan atmosphere. It also has some of the country’s most famous universities, such as the National and Kapodistrian Universities of Athens and the National Technical University of Athens.

Greek colleges, universities, engineering schools, medical schools and law schools are widely respected and well-known in institutions in the education sector. These higher institutions provide prestigious bachelor, master and doctorate programs for savvy adventurers like you. There are more than 20 universities in Greece, spread throughout the country and in the public sector. Although the teaching is mainly in Greek, at the undergraduate and graduate levels, other languages (most commonly English) can also be used to provide specialized study programs. Greece’s higher education system is highly respected and top-ranked in the world. In this post, you will get a complete list and links to all universities in Greece.

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Universities in GreeceUniversities in GreeceList of all Universities in Greece

Here, we have listed the universities in Greece according to the country/region’s city. Choosing to study in Greece is the best and biggest decision ever. Here, we have compiled some information, you can use this information to decide where to study.

Here are the best and popular colleges and Universities in Greece which is really important to know as a Greeks Citizen. It is also important to gather knowledge for international students. It will help you to get admission to those universities. Just click the link and browse their website.

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