List of All Universities in Cambodia (Updated)

Cambodia is locally named Kampuchea and officially is called the Kingdom of Cambodia. The country is located in Southeast Asia which is bordered by Laos to the northeast, Vietnam to the east and south, Thailand to the west/northwest, and the Gulf of Thailand to the west. The population of Cambodia is approximately 14.6 million (2013). Phnom Penh the capital of the country. The spoken language is mainly Khmer, a Mon-Khmer language and Vietnamese. Khmer is one of the main languages of the Mon-Khmer family of the Oceanian language family. Almost all Cambodians, including the Malays for divining, speak this language. Historically, a few people in Cambodia can speak Chinese and Vietnamese.

Cambodia’s largest and oldest university is the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) which is located in Phnom Penh. The university was established in 1960. RUPP offers degrees in science, electronics, information technology, psychology, tourism and social sciences as well as science and humanities.

World University Rankings Cambodia currently does not have any universities in the “Times Higher Education”. If you want to study in Cambodia it will be your biggest decision ever. Their student resources can help you to take the right decision. The Ministry of Education is responsible for education management in Cambodia. The country insists that every citizen has the right to receive high-quality education to adapt to the current global challenges. We have compiled some information about the universities in Cambodia, hope this information will help you to take a place where you can study. There are about 6000 international students are studying here. Approximately 9% of the country’s annual budget is used to improve the quality of education. There are many job opportunities for foreign students. As long as you have the relevant skills, you can find a job. In this post, you will get a complete list and links to all universities in Cambodia.

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Universities in CambodiaUniversities in CambodiaList of all Universities in Cambodia

Public Universities

Private Universities

Here are the best and popular colleges and Universities in Cambodia which is really important to know as a Khmer Citizen. It is also important to gather knowledge for international students. It will help you to get admission to those universities. Just click the link and browse their website.

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