List of All Universities in Botswana (Updated)

Botswana is located in the center of Southern Africa and is a sub-Saharan country in the African continent. The country is bordered by Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Its citizens are called Batswana. It became one of the poorest countries in the world in 1966, and it quickly became one of the successful models of world development. Huge mineral (diamond) wealth, good governance, prudent economic management, and relatively small population (a little more than 2 million) make it an upper-middle-income country. The country of Botswana is the world’s largest diamond producer, and the trade has made them a middle-income country.

The climate in Botswana is semi-dry, although it is dry for most of the year. The country has experienced four seasons in a year: summer, autumn, winter and spring. Sometimes a small amount of water can freeze and frost is very common. During Summer rains the most, usually peaking in the months of January and February. Botswana has many tribes all over the country, who are known as Batswana. Although there are other spoken languages, the official language is English, and Setswana is the national language. The living conditions of the people of Botswana have improved and poverty has been greatly reduced. The rapid decline in poverty can be mainly attributed to the increase in agricultural income, including subsidies and demographic changes.

Botswana ranks first in the “Times Higher Education” World University Rankings. The highest-ranked university among the Botswana universities is the University of Botswana. The University of Botswana was established on July 1, 1982, under a parliamentary bill. If you want to get a higher education, Botswana will be one of your biggest decisions ever. Their student resources can help you to make the right choice for study in a foreign country. You can browse the University of Botswana below-we have compiled some information, hope this information can help you to get a decision on where you can take place to study. In this post, you will get a complete list and links to all universities in Botswana.

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Universities in Botswana Universities in BotswanaList of all Universities in Botswana

Here are the best and popular colleges and Universities in Botswana which is really important to know as a Botswana Citizen. It is also important to gather knowledge for international students. It will help you to get admission to those universities. Just click the link and browse their website.

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