List of Banks in Ukraine With Their Official Information

The National Bank of Ukraine is the Ukraine central bank. It is a state-owned organization. The central bank is responsible for supervising all banks in the country. The Central Bank of Ukraine is also responsible for currency stabilizing, monetary policies, implements foreign exchange rates, credit, currency circulation and other banking operations. In this post, you will get all links and information about banks in Ukraine.

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The National Bank of Ukraine

Banks in Ukraine

At a glance The National Bank of Ukraine all information.

Headquarters:   Kiev
Established in:  1991
Ownership:       100% state ownership
Governor:          Kyrylo Shevchenko
Central bank of Ukraine
Currency:          Hryvnia
Reserves:          USD 28.802 billion
Bank rate:         6.0%
Interest on:      reserves UAH 13.0%,

List of all Banks in Ukraine

There are 15 largest commercial banks in Ukraine. Besides these largest banks 22 banks are also commercial banks in medium-sized. Here you will get these banks list.

Largest Commercial Banks

Other Commercial Banks

For those who consider a career in the banking sector in Ukraine, this is the top list of banks in Ukraine is very helpful on where to start. To get more information, please refer to our list of financial institutions in Ukraine.

Alfa Bank JSC Alfa Bank JSC is one of the largest private commercial banks in Russia. It was established in 1990 and its headquarters is located in Moscow. It maintains a strong influence in Ukraine, and in terms of capital, it is one of the largest banks in Ukraine.

PrivatBank PrivatBank was founded in 1992 and its headquarters is located in Dnipro. In terms of assets, a large number of customers, loan portfolios and taxes paid to the state budget, PrivatBank is the largest commercial bank in Ukraine. The bank is the first private commercial bank in the country that issued a credit card and set up an ATMs machine. The bank is serving its customers through 2240 branches in the country.

Oschadbank Oschadbank, also known as the National Savings Bank of Ukraine, was established by the Ukrainian government in 1999. Oschadbank is located in Kiev. It provides a range of banking products and services through 3,650 branches.

Ukreximbank  The state-owned Ukreximbank is headquartered in Kiev and was established in 1992. The bank oversees 83 branches across the country. It plays a very important role in the financial sector of the country, providing and lending to foreign financial banking institutions. The bank is also known as the National Export-Import Bank of Ukraine.

UkrGasBank  The bank was established in 1993 and its headquarters is located in Kiev. UkrGasBank serving approximately 220000 individuals and business personnel through 245 branches. The bank is divided into five parts: wealth management, legal entities, SME customers, financial institutions and retail banking.

Sberbank Sberbank headquarters are located in Moscow. The bank was called the Sberbank of Russia; in 2014, it was considered the largest bank in Eastern Europe and Russia.It was achieved a 33rd banker award among 1000 banks, which is the number one bank in Central and Eastern Europe.

First Ukrainian International Bank First Ukrainian International Bank was established in 1991 and is headquartered in Kiev. In terms of assets, it is one of the biggest banks in Ukraine and one of the top five in deposits. The bank serves approximately 2.5 million customers through its banking products and services.

These are the best and selected banks in Ukraine. You can visit the banks as you need. All the links and information are updated herewith.

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