List of Banks in Turkey With Their Official Information

The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey is the central monetary authority and the central bank of Turkey. It was established in 1930 and its headquarters is situated in Ankara, Turkey. The central bank is monitoring the financial organizations and banks in Turkey. The key responsibilities of the central bank include: maintaining price stability, managing the country’s international reserves, issuing and printing banknotes, regulating the currency of the country, preserving the stability of the Turkish economical system.

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The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey

Banks in Turkey

At a glance The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey all information

Headquarters  Ankara, Turkey
Established in 1930
Ownership      Mixed ownership
Governor        Murat Uysal
Central bank of Turkey
Currency        Turkish Lira
Reserves         $65.1 billion in FX reserves
$34.7 billion in gold reserves
Preceded by   Ottoman Bank

List of all Banks in Turkey

There are 48 banks are currently operating in Turkey and 35 banks were recently closed due to their bad reputation. Banks in Turkey are focused on always retail and corporate banking, corporate and investment banking and universal banking. Here you will get a complete list of all banks list below.

List of Banks by total assets

Deposit Banks

Government-Owned Deposit banks

Privately owned deposit banks

Foreign banks

State-owned participation banks

Privately owned participation banks

Foreign participation banks founded in Turkey

Development and investment banks

State-owned development and investment banks

Privately owned development and investment banks

Foreign development and investment banks

For those who consider a career in the banking sector in Turkey, this is the top list of banks in Turkey is very helpful on where to start. To get more information, please refer to our list of financial institutions in Turkey.

Ziraat Bank The bank was established in 1863 and its headquarters is located in the capital city Ankara. In terms of total assets, it is the largest bank in Turkey. Ziraat bank is a government-owned bank. The bank provides various banking such as retail, small and medium-sized enterprises and corporate clients. Ziraat Bank has 1814 branches across the country and it represents itself in more than 19 countries in individuals and real estate sectors. The bank has approximately 24,400 employees are serving throughout the country.

Isbank The bank was established in 1924 and it is the first public bank founded by the Turkish Republic. The bank offers commercial and corporate banking services. Isbank provides retails banking, private banking, financial and cash management-related services, internet and mobile banking and services and all other banking and services. The bank controls 1,351 branches in Turkey and 23 branches in other countries. It also maintains 6,257 ATMs across the country. The bank has approximately 55,000 employees are serving throughout the country.

Garanti Bank The bank was established in 1946 and its headquarters is located in Istanbul. Garanti Bank offers various types of financial products and services such as SME banking, personal banking, commercial banking and corporate banking. The bank operates 937 branches in Turkey and eight branches and three representative offices in overseas. The bank has approximately 22,000 employees are serving 14 million customers throughout the country.

AKBank The bank was established in 1948 and its headquarters is situated in Istanbul. The bank operates commercial banking, consumer banking, SME banking, private banking, corporate investment banking. The bank operates through 800 branches and one international branch is serving 14.3 million customers. It has approximately 14,200 employees are serving throughout the country.

Vakifbank The bank was established in 1954 and its headquarters is located in Istanbul. Vakifbank provides commercial, corporate services and SME services, retail and investment banking services. The bank operates through 921 branches in Turkey and it maintains 3,917 ATM s all over the country. It has three international branches. There are approximately 15,700 employees are serving throughout the country.

These are the best and selected banks in Turkey. You can visit the site to gather more information. All links and official information are included herewith.

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