List of All Banks in Switzerland (Updated)

In geographically and in legal form, the Swiss banking industry differs greatly in scale and its business focus regards their size. The Swiss National Bank is the central bank of Switzerland. As an independent central bank, it constitutes the country’s monetary policy. The Swiss Financial Market Supervision Agency, in short FINMA supervises Swiss banks. Credit Suisse and UBS are the two biggest banks in Switzerland. In this post, you will get all the banking information about Banks in Switzerland.

The Swiss banking system depends on as follows:

  • Big bank
  • Foreign bank
  • private bank
  • Raiffeisen Group-Cooperative Bank
  • Cantonal Bank-State-owned commercial bank, accounting for approximately 30% of Swiss banks

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The Swiss National Bank

Banks in Switzerland

At a glance The Swiss National Bank all Information

Headquarters:  Bern and Zurich
Established:     16 January 1906
Ownership:      Mixed ownership
Chairman:       Thomas Jordan
Central bank of Switzerland
Currency:        Swiss Franc
Reserves:        560 630 million USD

List of all Banks in Switzerland

There are 252 banks are currently operating in Switzerland. 84 banks were recently closed due to their bad banking. Banks in Switzerland are focused on private banking, regional retail banking and asset management. Here you will get a complete list of all banks list below.

For those who consider a career in the banking sector in Switzerland, this is the top list of banks in Switzerland is very helpful on where to start. To get more information, please refer to our list of financial institutions in Switzerland.

UBS The bank is the largest and leading banks in Switzerland. UBS has offices of more than 50 countries in the world. The ban also serves approximately 60000 employees around world wide. In Switzerland, UBS is serving 4500 employees through 280 branches. The bank was established in 1872 and headquarters are located in Zurich.

Credit Suisse Group AG The bank was established in 1856 and its headquarters is located in Zurich. The bank operates more than 50 countries in the world and 48200 employees are serving throughout the world. The bank is serving in several segments: Investment banking, asset banking, private banking and a group provides marketing and support to the other three division.

Julius Baer is one of the largest and oldest banks in Switzerland. The bank was founded in 1890 and its headquarters is located in Zurich. It is a private banking group and currently, it is operating in 20 countries. There are approximately 6250 employees are serving throughout the country. The bank provides foreign exchange, loans, mortgage, trading and other services.

Swiss Raiffeisen It is the third-largest bank in the Swiss banking industry. It is also a leading Swiss retail bank. The bank is serving 3.8 million customers through 1005 branches throughout Switzerland. The bank has 1.9 million Co-operative members.

Zurich Cantonal Bank The bank is also the oldest and largest bank in Switzerland. The bank was established in 1870 and its headquarters is located in Zurich. The bank operates a network of approximately 82 branches and 350 ATMs all over the country. There are 5000 employees are serving to the customers throughout the country.

These are the best and selected banks in Switzerland. You can visit the site to gather more information. All links and official information are included herewith.

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