List of Banks in South Korea and Their Official Information

South Korea is a country in the Eastern part of Asia. Officially South Korea’s name is the Republic of Korea (ROK). South Korean population is about 50.8 million and Seoul is the capital and biggest city of South Korea. Busan is the second port city. The Korean language is its official language.

There are 148 licensed banks in South Korea, Including 52 commercial banks, 5 specialized banks and 91 savings banks. The Bank of Korea is the central bank of South Korea. The central bank is responsible for issuing Korean won, monetary policy and maintain price stability. In this post, you will get all links and information about Banks in South Korea.

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The Central Bank name Bank of South Korea

Banks in South Korea

At a glance Bank of South Korea all information

Headquarter:    Jung District, Seoul
Established:      12 June 1950
Ownership:      100% state ownership
Governor:        Lee Ju-yeol
Central bank of Republic of Korea
Currency:        South Korean won
Reserves:        358 510 million USD

State-Owned banks of South Korea

Nationwide banks

Local banks

Foreign banks

For those who consider a career in the banking sector in South Korea, this is the top bank’s list in South Korea is very helpful to start his/her career. To get more information, you may visit our list of financial institutions in South Korea.

Hana Financial Group In terms of assets, Hana Financial Group is the fourth biggest bank in South Korea. The bank provides corporate banking, fundraising, risk management consulting and securities trading. Hana Financial Group was established in 1971 and its headquarters is located in Seoul. The bank has the biggest foreign network among the South Korean banks.

Korea Development Bank The bank was established in 1954 and its headquarters is located in the capital Seoul. Korea Development Bank is also the biggest bank in South Korea. The bank has 3000 employees are serving throughout the country. The bank provides investment banking, corporate banking, deposit banking and international banking products.

Woori Financial Group This is the fifth biggest commercial bank in South Korea. Woori bank is a subsidiary of Seoul based Woori Financial Group. The bank serves investment banking, consumer banking, corporate banking, international banking and other banking divisions. There are 16,000 employees are serving the customers through 1000 branches in South Korea and 22 branches are controlled internationally.

Shinhan Financial Group The bank was established in 1897 and first the bank was founded under the name of Hanseong Bank. The company headquarters is located in Seoul. The bank serves its customer corporate banking, retail banking, international banking and other banking divisions. There are approximately 21,000 employees are serving through 871 branches and 14 branches in internationally.

Industrial Bank of Korea The bank is one of the biggest and oldest banks in South Korea. The bank started its operations in 1961 and its headquarters is located in Seoul. The bank operates through corporate banking, retail banking, foreign exchange, credit card business and other departments. The bank has 500 branches all over South Korea.

These are the best Banks in South Korea. You may visit the site as you need. All information and links are included herewith.

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