List of Banks in Qatar and Their Official Information

Qatar Central Bank was known before as Qatar Monetary Agency until 1993 which was founded on 13th May 1973. There are licensed and supervised 18 banks in Qatar under the Central Bank of Qatar. Through the years Qatar’s banking industry has maintained its stability and efficiency. Qatar Central Bank manages and supervises the bank’s money value, establish a competitive, stable and transparent banking policy. Local banks dominate the banking industry in Qatar. In this post, you will get all links and information about Banks in Qatar.

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The Central Bank of Qatar

Banks in Qatar

At a glance The Central Bank of Qatar all information

Headquarters:       Doha
Established:          13 May 1973
Ownership:           100% state ownership
Governor:             Abdulla bin Saoud Al Thani
Central bank of:    Qatar
Currency:              Qatari riyal
Reserves:              35 990 million USD
Preceded by:        Qatar Monetary Agency

All the list of the Banks in Doha.

Local Banks

Foreign banks

This is a list of the top banks in Qatar. Learn about their history, operations and scale so that when we introduce the top banks in Qatar, you can plan your banking career path.

Doha Bank In Qatar commercial banks services Doha Bank is one of the biggest banks. Doha Bank was established in 1978 and began operations in March 1979. Doha Bank mainly includes four departments: retail banking, wholesale banking, finance and investment and international banking. The bank also has branches in UAE, Kuwait and India. Doha Bank has representative offices in several countries like Hong Kong Singapore, Germany, Canada, UK, China and Japan.

Qatar National Bank Qatar National Bank is the biggest commercial bank in Qatar and its headquarters is located in Doha. The bank was established in 1964 and it is a state-owned commercial bank. It is also the biggest financial organizations in the Middle East. QNB bank operates subsidiaries in 31 countries in the world.

Qatar Islamic Bank  Qatar Islamic Bank was established in 1982 and it is the biggest Islamic financial organizations in Qatar. Since this is an Islamic financial organization, all products and services are provided by the bank are supervised by the Islamic Council. The Shariah Committee ensures that banks comply with Islamic banking principles.

Commercial Bank of Qatar The bank was established by Qatari business person Hussain Alfardan who was previous employed in Standard Chartered bank. Commercial Bank of Qatar is the biggest private bank in Qatar. The bank was established in 1975 and began its operation on 10th April 1975 in a small building of Souq Najada in Qatar. The bank was the first private bank in Qatar.

Qatar International Islamic Bank The Bank QIIB was founded in 1991 and it is a Qatar based private-owned Islamic Bank. QIIB is licensed and supervised by the Central Bank of Qatar. All services of the bank run by Islamic sharia law.

These are the best and selected commercial Banks in Qatar. You can visit the site for your need. Here all official information are included herewith.

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