List of Banks in Portugal With Their Official Information

The central monetary authority is the central bank of Portugal which is monitoring and overseeing the Banks in Portugal. In the local language, it is called Banco de Portugal. The bank was established in 1846 during the queen Maria two. It is one of the oldest banks in the world. It is also a member of the Eurosystem. There are 86 agricultural banks, 59 commercial banks and 4 savings banks under the central bank of Portugal. In total there are 4326 domestic banks branches, 14075 ATMs, 11375 Multibank ATM and 284600 POS terminal are serving all over the country. In this post, you will get all links and information about banks in Portugal.

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The central Bank Banco de Portugal

Banks in Portugal

At a glance The central Bank Banco de Portugal all information

Headquarters:   Lisbon, Portugal
Established:      19 November 1846
Ownership:       100% state ownership
Governor:          Mário Centeno
Central bank of Portugal
Reserves:           4 980 million USD
Preceded by:     Banco de Lisboa
Companhia de Confiança Nacional
Succeeded by:   European Central Bank

List of all Banks in Portugal

There are 31 major Banks in Portugal. All of the banks are overseeing by The Banco de Portugal is the central bank of Portugal. The bank was founded during Queen Maria 2 of Portugal.

For those who consider a career in the banking sector in Portugal, this is the top list of banks in Portugal is very helpful on where to start. To get more information, please refer to our list of financial institutions in Portugal.

Caixa Geral de Depósitos The state-owned financial institution Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD) was established in Lisbon in 1876. In terms of total assets, it is the largest bank in Portugal and the largest public sector banking company in the country. The bank has more than 10000 employees serving 3.8 million customers throughout the country’s 1070 branches. The bank also operates 20 countries and in 4 continents in the world.

Banco Santander Totta S.A. In terms of total assets, Banco Santander Totta S.A. is the second-largest private bank in Portugal. The bank was established in 18943. The company is headquartered in Lisbon and has 7000 employees serving 4.7 million customers more than 650 branches across the country. According to the Global finance report, Santander Bank Totta is the safest bank in Portugal. The bank operates more than 1800 ATMs throughout the country. The bank provides savings, current account services, loan services, wealth management and several products.

Banco Comercial Portuguese The bank is also the largest bank in Portugal. The bank was established in 1985 and its headquarters is located in Oeiras, greater Lisbon. Banco Commercial Portuguese is serving by 15700 employees to 4 million customers through 600 domestic branches. The bank has 500 branches in several countries including china, Angola, Switzerland and Mozambique.

Banco Popular Portugal Based in Lisbon, the bank was established in 1991. Formerly the bank was known BNC-Banco Nacional de Crédito, SA; but in 2005, it changes name and a new name given Banco Popular Portugal SA. The bank has 118 branches are serving throughout the country. Banco Popular provides retail, commercial, financial organizations, public administration and services.

Banco Português de Investimento (BPI)  The bank is the fifth-biggest bank in Portugal. It was established in 1981. The bank serves through a network of 674 branches to 1.7 million customers, businesses and organizations. The bank has also 1340 ATMs and approximately 31000 POS terminals. It has branches in Portugal, Spain, Angola and Mozambique.

Caixa Central de Crédito Agrícola Mútuo, C.R.L. Caixa Central de Crédito Agrícola Mútuo C.R.L. headquarters is located in Lisbon. The bank provides retail, commercial banking, investment and asset management.

These are the best and selected banks in Portugal. You can visit the banks as you need. All the links and information are updated herewith.

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