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Pakistan is a South Asian country and it is a coastline country of the south Arabian sea. Pakistan’s official name is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The capital city of Pakistan is Islamabad. Pakistan is also a populous country. It is the fifth-populous and second-biggest Muslim populous country in the world. Pakistan’s bordered countries are India, China, Iran and Afghanistan.

The central bank of Pakistan’s name is The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). The central bank is responsible for issuing money, ensuring price stability and the country’s economical system. The central bank is the monetary authority and supervises all banks in Pakistan. There are different types of banks in Pakistan, these are commercial banks, Industrial Banks and exchange banks.

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The State Bank of Pakistan

Banks in Pakistan

At a glance The State Bank of Pakistan all information

Headquarters:   Karachi, Pakistan
Established:        July 1, 1948
Ownership:        100% state ownership
Governor:           Reza Baqir
Central bank of: Pakistan
Currency:           Pakistani rupee (PKR)
Reserves:            Increase $12.055 billion


List of all Banks in Pakistan

Regular Based Schedule Bank.

Public Sector Schedule Bank

Private Banks

Islamic banks

Allied Bank The bank’s business includes retail and commercial banking, investment banking, corporate banking, trade and sales banking. Allied Bank was founded in 1942 and its headquarters is located in Lahore. There are approximately 4000 employees are serving the customers. The bank serves through 1148 branches to its customers and 1150 ATMs are available. The bank also operates 77 Islamic banking branches in several countries including the Karachi export processing zone.

Askari Bank The bank was established in 1991 and its headquarters is located in Rawalpindi. Askari Bank serves retail banking, commercial banking, trading and sales, corporate and finance, retail brokerage, payment and settlement and wealth management services. The bank also serves corporate and individual customers in Pakistan and the Middle East. There are 560 employees who are currently serving the nation throughout the country.

Bank Alfalah Karachi based Alfalah bank was established in 1992. The bank is a private bank and it is owned by the Abu Dhabi group. The bank operates corporate banking, retails banking, Islamic banking, consumer banking, retail brokerage and wealth management and other departments. The bank operates 475 branches including 18 sub-branches, 153 Islamic branches and 10 foreign branches.

Faysal Bank Karachi based Faysal Bank was established in 1994. The bank provides its services in several segments. Among them are retail banking, corporate and commercial banking, corporate finance and trading and sales. There are approximately 3600 employees are serving through 350 braches of more than 100 cities.

Habib Bank Habib Bank was founded in 1941 and it was located in Karachi. The banks conduct through international banking, retail banking, corporate banking and treasury departments. It has approximately 17,000 employees and manages a network of 1,677 branches, including 45 Islamic bank branches in Pakistan and 54 branches in several countries.

Meezan Bank The bank is one the leading bank in Pakistan was established in 1997 and its headquarters is located in Karachi. Meezan Bank serves corporate and commercial services, retail banking, corporate and finance, agency services and payment and settlement departments. The bank has approximately 9,000 employees and controls 600 branches in whole of Pakistan.

Standard Chartered Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan was established in 2006 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of British Standard Chartered Bank. The bank has a network of 101 branches in several cities in Pakistan. The bank serves commercial banking, retail banking and organizational banking. There are 9000 employees who are serving the country throughout the country.

National Bank of Pakistan The National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) was established in 1949 and its headquarters is located in Karachi, Pakistan. The bank has 1450 branches throughout Pakistan. The bank main business focuses on corporate banking, investment banking, investment banking, consumer banking and provides loans and savings services. There are approximately 12000 employees and 1000 ATMs are serving the nation across the country Also the bank has 21 branches in several countries.

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