List of All Banks in New Zealand (Updated)

New Zealand is located in southeast Australia. It is an island country in the south pacific ocean. Its capital city is Wellington but the country’s biggest city is Auckland. English is their main language. New Zealand is surrounded by some islands of Fiji and Tonga. The New Zealand population is an average of 5 million.

The central bank of New Zealand’s name is The Reserve Bank of New Zealand which was established in 1934 and became a wholly-owned subsidiary by the government in 1936. The Reserve Bank was established under the Act of Parliament (the New Zealand Reserve Bank Act of 1989) and has statutory independence. The Reserve Bank is accountable to Parliament and provides annual dividends to the government. The Reserve bank is liable for issuing money, maintain price stability and monetary policy. In this post you will get all links and a complete list of banks in New Zealand.

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The Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Banks in New Zealand

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand information at a glance:

Headquarters:     Wellington, New Zealand
Established:         1934
Ownership:          100% state ownership
Governor:             Adrian Orr
Central bank of:   New Zealand
Currency:             New Zealand dollar
Reserves:             13 100 million USD

All List of the Banks of New Zealand

For those who consider a career in the banking sector in New Zealand, this is the top bank’s list in New Zealand is very helpful to start his/her career. To get more information, you may visit our list of financial institutions in New Zealand.

ANZ Bank New Zealand The bank is one of the leading banks was founded in 2004 and its headquarters is located in the capital of Wellington city. There are approximately 9000 employees are serving 1 million customers through 200 branches and more than 600 ATMs network across the country. The bank provides economical products and services through retail, commercial and organizational sectors.

ASB Bank The bank is also another one leading oldest banks in New Zealand which was established in 1847 and its headquarters is situated in Auckland. ASB Bank has approximately 5000 employees and serving through 125 branches and more than 600 ATMs throughout the country. The bank provides insurance products and general banking services.

Bank of New Zealand The bank is one of the biggest and oldest financial organizations in New Zealand which was established in 1861 and the bank headquarters is located in Auckland. The bank has approximately 5000 employees serving through 175 branches more than 400 ATMs throughout the country. In 1992, it became a subsidiary of National Australia Bank but has a fully authorized New Zealand board of directors.

Co-operative Bank The bank was established in 1968 and its headquarters is located in Wellington. The bank serves several economical products and services like savings, deposits, insurance, loans and SME services. The bank has approximately 2500 employees currently serving the customers with more than 200 branches and ATMs.

Kiwibank It is a state-owned company and the bank was established in 2001 and its headquarters is located in Wellington. The bank provides SME products and services and retail products and services. It has approximately 2500 employees and controls 266 branches and more than 250 ATMs all over the country.

SBS Bank SBS Bank was established in 1869. The bank has approximately 250 employees through 13 branches all over the country. The bank mainly provides investment, residential and commercial loans, foreign exchange, management funds, agribusiness etc.

Westpac   Headquartered in Oakland the bank was established in 1861. The bank is the second biggest bank serving 1.2 million customers. The bank controls a network of 165 branches and more than 450 ATMs across the country. Westpac Bank serves commercial, corporate and organizational banking and investment and insurance services.

These are the best and selected banks in New Zealand. You can visit the site to gather more information. All links and official information are included herewith.

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