List of All Banks in Mauritius (Official Information)

The Bank of Mauritius is the central bank of Mauritius was established in September 1967. It was modeled after the Bank of England and was actually established with the assistance of senior officials from the Bank of England.

The Bank of Mauritius is also responsible for implementing and formulating monetary policies that meet the conditions for stable prices. There is a monetary policy committee that are responsible for formulating and determining monetary policy. Governor is the key person of the committee.

In addition to its main objectives, the Bank of Mauritius is also responsible for ensuring the stability and integrity of the Mauritian economical system, as well as supervising credit and currency for the best interests of Mauritius economic development. The Bank of Mauritius is independent and transparent. The board of directors is not under the direction or control of any other individual or organization. In this post, you will know how many Banks in Mauritius have under the central bank of Mauritius.

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The central bank of Mauritius

Banks in Mauritius

At a glance the central bank of Mauritius all information

Headquarters:    Port Louis, Mauritius
Ownership:        100% state ownership
Governor:          Mr Harvesh Kumar Seegolam
Central bank of Mauritius
Currency:           Mauritian rupee
Reserves:           3 770 million USD

List of all Banks in Mauritius

For those who consider a career in the banking sector in Mauritius, this is the top list of banks in Mauritius is very helpful on where to start. To get more information, please refer to our list of financial institutions in Mauritius.




These are the best and selected banks in Mauritius. You can visit the site to gather more information. All links and official information are included herewith.

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