List of All Banks in Hungary (Updated)

The central bank of the Republic of Hungary was established in 1924. In the local language, the Hungarian National Bank called Magyar Nemzeti Bank (MNB). The central bank of Hungary is a member of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB). Also, Hungary is part of the European Union country. Hungarian National Bank is responsible for supervising the country’s banks, issuing currency, promoting price stability and maintaining foreign exchange. In this post, you will get all information about Banks in Hungary.

There are three types of banks in Hungary which include:

  • Financial Institutions
  • Foreign bank branch
  • Commercial banks

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The Hungarian National Bank Magyar Nemzeti

Banks in Hungary

At a glance The Hungarian National Bank all information given below

Headquarters:   Budapest, Hungary
Established:      24 June 1924
Ownership:      100% state ownership
Governor:        György Matolcsy
Central bank of Hungary
Currency:        Hungarian forint
Reserves:        $44.8 billion
Bank rate:       0.90%
Interest on reserves 0.90%
Preceded by Royal Hungarian State Bank

List of all Banks in Hungary

There are 38 commercial banks are currently operating in Hungary. 18 banks were recently closed due to their bad reputation. Banks in Budapest are focused on always Universal banking, retail banking and corporate and investment banking. Here you will get a complete list of all banks list below.

List of Operating Savings Banks

There are 19 savings banks are currently operating in Hungary. 124 Savings were closed due to their bad banking.

These are the best and selected banks in Hungary. You can visit the site to gather more information. All links and official information are included herewith.

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