List of Banks in France With Their Official Information

Paris based The Bank of France is the central bank of France. It was established in 1800. There are more than 262 banking institutions are currently operating in France. The Bank of France is the main and national monetary authority of France. The central bank is responsible for accounts of the French Government, Issuing Euro banknotes since 1999 when France became a member of the Eurosystem, ensure financial stability, maintaining foreign exchange reserves and gold reserves, control interest rate, ensure the smooth operation of the banking system.

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The central bank of France is the Bank of France

Banks in France

At a glance the central bank of France all information are

Headquarters: Paris, France
Established:    18 January 1800
Ownership:     100% state ownership
Governor:       François Villeroy de Galhau
Central bank of France
Reserves:        36 370 million USD

List of Banks in France

There are 262 banks are currently operating in France. 82 banks are closed and they are not operating their system. French banks are focused on retail banking, leasing banking and corporate banking. Here you will get a full list of Banks in France.

For those who consider a career in the banking sector in France, this is the top list of banks in France is very helpful on where to start. To get more information, please refer to our list of financial institutions in France.

BNP Paribas SA The bank was established in 1848 and it is an international banking group. BNP Paribas is a presence in 75 countries. The bank operates in three types of sectors and these are, international financial services, local markets, corporate and organizational banking. The bank is one of the top ten banks in France. The bank has 192,000 employees are serving throughout the country.

Groupe Credit Mutuel-CIC The bank is one of the oldest and leading banks in France. Formerly the bank is known as the CM10-CIC group. The bank was established in 1645 and its headquarters is in Strasbourg. The bank has approximately 69,500 employees are serving through 4,587 branches all over the country. The bank offers corporate banking, retail banking, asset management, real estate, developer finance and technological banking services.

BPCE Paris based BPCE is the biggest and leading banking group. The bank was established in 1818. The bank has approximately 117,000 employees are serving through 8200 branches nationwide to 40 million customers all over the country. The bank serves real estate, financial banking, individual banking, SME enterprises, large enterprises, corporate banking and several areas in banking.

Societe Generale It is one of the biggest financial services groups in the Eurozone. The bank was established in 1864 and its headquarters are in Paris. The bank has approximately 146,000 employees are serving through 2200 branches in France. Societe Generale group also serves 5300 locations worldwide.

Credit Agricole In terms of total assets, Credit Agricole is the largest international banking group and the biggest retail bank in France. It is known as a green bank. The bank headquarters is located in Montrouge. The bank serves corporate banking, retail banking, insurance and investment banking products and services. The bank has around 138,000 employees are serving 52 million customers worldwide.

These are the best and selected banks in France. You can visit the banks as you need. All the links and information are updated herewith.

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