List of All Banks in Finland (Updated)

Bank of Finland is the central Bank in Finland and the bank is a member of the Eurosystem. The Central bank of Finland is the national Monetary authority. The central Bank of Finland is the world’s fourth oldest central bank.
The Finnish banking sector builds by commercial banks, government banks, savings banks and foreign banks. Finland’s central bank is responsible for Formulate and implements monetary policy, maintaining the stability of the economical system, Issuing paper currency and maintain the stability and currency supply system, managing foreign exchange reserves. In this post, you will get all the list and information of Banks in Finland.

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The central Bank of Finland

Banks in Finland

At a glance the central Bank of Finland all information

Headquarters: Helsinki
Established:    1 March 1812
Ownership:     100% state ownership
Governor:       Olli Rehn
Central bank of Finland
Reserves:        6 230 million USD
Succeeded by: European Central Bank

List of all Banks in Finland

There are 48 banks are currently operating their system, 20 were recently closed. Banks in Finland are focused on universal banking, retail banking, corporate and investment banking.

Commercial Banks

Savings Banks

There are 22 savings banks are currently operating their transactions.

Co-operative banks in Finland

There are 233 Co-operative banks are operating in Finland.

Local Cooperative Bank Group

The Finnish local cooperative banking group consists of 42 independent cooperative banks, each of which operates in its own region. The group was established in 1997 to enable member banks to continue to operate independently because another cooperative banking group in Finland was seen as too centralized.

  • Alahärmän Osuuspankki
  • Hannulan Osuuspankki
  • Hellanmaan Osuuspankki
  • Honkajoen Osuuspankki
  • Isojoen Osuuspankki
  • Joroisten Osuuspankki
  • Jämijärven Osuuspankki
  • Kannonkosken Osuuspankki
  • Kauhavan Osuuspankki
  • Keiteleen Osuuspankki
  • Keuruun Osuuspankki
  • Kiuruveden Osuuspankki
  • Konneveden Osuuspankki
  • Kortesjärven Osuuspankki
  • Kosken Osuuspankki
  • Kovelahden Osuuspankki
  • Kurikan Osuuspankki
  • Kyrön Seudun Osuuspankki
  • Kyrönmaan Osuuspankki
  • Kyyjärven Osuuspankki
  • Laihian Osuuspankki
  • Lammin Osuuspankki
  • Lanneveden Osuuspankki
  • Lapinlahden Osuuspankki
  • Lappajärven Osuuspankki
  • Lapuan Osuuspankki
  • Lavian Osuuspankki
  • Liedon Osuuspankki
  • Multian Osuuspankki
  • Nivalan Järvikylän Osuuspankki
  • Petäjäveden Osuuspankki
  • Piikkiön Osuuspankki
  • Pyhäselän Paikallisosuuspankki
  • Reisjärven Osuuspankki
  • Sievin Osuuspankki
  • Siilinjärven Osuuspankki
  • Suupohjan Osuuspankki
  • Tiistenjoen Osuuspankki
  • Tuusniemen Osuuspankki
  • Vaskion Osuuspankki
  • Vieremän Osuuspankki
  • Ylihärmän Osuuspankki

For those who consider a career in the banking sector in Finland, this is the top list of banks in Finland is very helpful on where to start. To get more information, please refer to our list of financial institutions in Finland.

Nordea Bank Helsinki based Nordea bank was established in 200 years ago. In terms of assets, it is the largest bank in Finland. The bank provides wealth management, insurance products, personal and corporate services. The bank has approximately 6500 employees are serving through 650 branches all over the country.

OP Corporate Bank PLC The bank is the second-largest and oldest financial organization in Finland. It was established in 1902 and its headquarters is located in Helsinki. The banks provide banking and insurance services to its individuals and corporate clients. OP corporate bank has approximately 12,200 employees are serving several types of products and services.

Municipality Finance In terms of assets, the bank is the third-largest bank in Finland. The bank offers various banking products and services to its customers. Municipality Finance bank was established three decades before and its headquarters is situated in Helsinki. Its major shareholder bank at 53%, Public sector pension fund 31% and government are 16%.

Danske Bank The bank was established in 1871 and its headquarters is located in Copenhagen. Danske Bank provides commercial banking products and banking services such as savings, investments, credit cards, various loan products, online mobile banking. The bank has branches in 15 countries. The company serves approximately more than one million customers and 90,000 business and organizational customers in Finland.

Evli Bank PLC  It is one of the leading banks in Finland. The bank was established in 1985 and its headquarters are in Helsinki. Evli bank serves Russia, Sweden, United Arab Emirates. The bank has around 255 employees are serving to the customers.

These are the best and selected banks in Finland. You can visit the banks as you need. All the links and information are updated herewith.

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