List of All Banks in Denmark (Updated)

The Danish banking sector is portrayed by numerous little organizations and a couple of international groups. There are 111 banks in Denmark. Among them, 81 are domestic banks and 30 are foreign-owned banks. The Danish financial industry is relatively big. According to the ratio of bank assets to the gross domestic product, this sector is bigger than the national economy. The central bank of Denmark is Denmark National bank and it is the supervisory authority of all banks. The central bank is responsible for issuing currency and control the money supply. In this article, you will get all bank links and information about banks in Denmark.

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Denmark National Bank

Banks in Denmark

At a glance, The central bank means the National Bank of Denmark all Information.

Headquarters:     Havnegade 5, Copenhagen
Established:        1 August 1818
Ownership:         100% state ownership
Royal Director:    Lars Rohde
Central bank of The Kingdom of Denmark
Currency:            Danish krone
Reserves:            479,065,000,000DKK

List of all banks in Denmark

There are 111 banks are currently operating in Denmark. 81 banks were closed due to their bad banking. Banks in Denmark are focused on retail banking, regional retail banking and cooperative retail banking. All 111 banks are listed given below:

Foreign Banks branches

These are the best and selected banks in Denmark. You can visit the banks as you need. All the links and information are updated herewith.

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