List of All Banks in Brazil (Official Information)

Brazil is a South American country. It is situated in the central-eastern part of the continent. Brazil is bordered by French, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Guiana, Guyana, Uruguay, Peru, Paraguay and Venezuela. Brazil has approximately 7500 km of coastline in the Atlantic ocean.

The Central Bank of Brazil was formed in December 1964. Brazil’s central bank is the central monetary authority and it is responsible for monitoring the operations of banks in Brazil. Central Bank is also responsible for maintaining foreign exchange, Issuing currency, currency distribution, acting on behalf of the National treasury and price stability.

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The Central Bank of Brazil

Banks in Brazil

At a glance The Central Bank of Brazil information

Headquarters:  Brasília, Federal District, Brazil
Established:      December 31, 1964
Ownership:      100% state ownership
President:         Roberto Campos Neto
Central bank of Brazil
Currency:         Brazilian real
Reserves:         348 860 million USD
Bank rate:        4.50%

List of all Banks in Brazil

There are 22 banks in Brazil. Among them, four Banks are the largest banks and controlling over 70% assets of central banks. Brazil’s banking holiday is Saturday and Sunday and banking time is from 10 AM to 4 PM.

For those who consider a career in the banking sector in Brazil, this is the top list of banks in Brazil is very helpful on where to start. To get more information, please refer to our list of financial institutions in Brazil.

Banco do Brasil Banco do Brasil is one of the most established and biggest banks in Brazil was established in 1808. The bank headquarters is located in Brasilia. It offers banking products and services to companies, individuals and governments. The bank has approximately one million employees are serving 64 million customers all over the country. It has 5,440 branches and 66,500 service points.

Banco Bradesco Banco de Bradesco Bank was one of the oldest banks established in 1843. It provides a wide range of banking products and services to companies, individuals institutions. The bank has approximately 110,000 employees and operates in Osasco. It manages a network of 5,314 retail and main branches, and 3,821 service points, serving approximately 73 million customers.

Banco Safra Safra Bank was established in 1955 and is part of the Safra Group and Financial organization. In terms of assets, it is one of the ten biggest financial organizations in the country. Its headquarters is located in Sao Paulo. The bank offers several types of banking products and services, foreign exchange, real estate loans, leasing services and commercial banking services. The bank has approximately 6735 employees are serving throughout the country.

Banco Santander In terms of assets, it is the third biggest private bank in Brazil. Banco Santander Brasil was established in 1985 its headquarters is located in Sao Paulo. The bank has approximately 50,000 employees are serving 34.5 million customers through 3750 branches and service centers all across the country. There are also 7120 ATMs and around 1900 outlets are deployed for customers.

Banco Votorantim Banco Votorantim was established in 1988 but it began its operation in 1991. Its headquarters is situated in Sao Paulo. In terms of total assets, it is also a top ten bank. It is also a Votorantim group. The bank has approximately 5055 employees are serving wealth management, wholesale banking, customer finance and services.

Caixa Economica Federal It is another one of the larger and older banks in Brazil which was established in 1861. Its headquarters is located in Brasilia. The bank has 110,000 employees are serving87 million customers through 4200 branches and 60,000 service points. The bank operates for retails, individuals, companies and organizations.

Itau Unibanco The bank was established in 1945 and its headquarters is in Sao Paulo. The bank is also one of the top ten banks in Brazil. Itau Unibanco has its branches in Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, Luxemburg, England, Portugal, Japan, USA China and UAE. The bank has around 80,880 employees are serving through 4985 branches and 46,965 ATMs all over the country.

Banrisul The bank was established in 1928 and it is based out of Porto Alegre. In southern Brazil, it is the biggest bank. The bank has 12,000 employees are serving through a network of 1315 service points, 595 ATMs and 475 agents.

These are the best and selected banks in Brazil. You can visit the banks as you need. All the links and information are updated herewith.

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