List Of Banks In Bangladesh With Official Information (Updated)

The bank is a commercial system of a country. The financial GDP most of the time depends on their banking system for the next level. Today here in this post I will share with you a list of banks in Bangladesh with their official information and commercial updates.

Bangladeshi is a developing country and here the banking system is most important for globalization. All of the startup and newbie businesses depend on a banking system procedure for their journey.  When it comes to the financial express then the bank is the top listed part of it.

So, when you measure a national development then you may think about their banking procedure and their money generator source.

State Bank Of Bangladesh

Banks In Bangladesh

Bangladesh Bank is the central bank of Bangladesh. It’s the controller of all other national, private, social, nonsocial, and Islamic banks. Bangladesh bank is a member of the Asian Clearing Union.

Reserve: 2.565 trillion BDT (US$30 billion)
Bank rate: 5%
Headquarters location: Dhaka Motizeel
President: Fazle Kabir
Founder: Government of Bangladesh
Founded: December 16, 1971

Note: All Information Noted In 2020

Bangladesh Banks is a central state bank of Bangladesh even it is the principal government bank of Bangladesh.

State Own Banks In Bangladesh

There are 6 government state-own banks in Bangladesh. All of the banks are the legacy of the Bangladesh Government.

Specialized Banks (SDBs) Bangladesh

Three specializes banks founded in Bangladesh for development and agriculture industrial development.

Private Commercial Banks In Bangladesh (PCBs)

There are some banks in Bangladesh based on categories like government bank, state bank, agriculture bank, national banks, private banks, Islamic banks.

In total 34 conventional PCBs are now operating in the industry of private sector. All of them are provided below.

Islami Shariah Based PCBs Banks In Bangladesh

There are 11 banks in Bangladesh that are leading their banking system shariah-based. All of them called Islamic Bank.

Foreign Commercial Banks Bangladesh

Nine banks in Bangladesh are foreign commercial banks.

These are the best and selected lists of banks in Bangladesh. You can visit them to know any kind of information about them. Check Bangladesh Insurance for the latest update.

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