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The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is the central bank and central monetary authority of Australia. The bank started its operation in January 1960. The reserve bank is responsible for issuing banknotes, Maintaining currency stability, managing financial regulating. Australia’s banking system plays an important role in the country’s economical system. In addition to conventional banking services provides commercial banking, financial market transactions, stock brokerage, insurance and capital management. In this post, you will get all links and information about Banks in Australia.

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The Reserve Bank of Australia

Banks in Australia

At a glance Reserve Bank of Australia Information.

Headquarters:    Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Established:       14 January 1960
Ownership:        100% state ownership
Governor:          Philip Lowe
Central bank of:Australia
Currency:          Australian dollar
Reserves:          40 970 million USD

In 1990, the Australian government has taken the “four pillars policy” decision for the Australian banking industry and announced that it would reject any merger between the four major banks. This is a long-term policy, not a formal regulation, but it reflects the widespread political unpopularity of further bank mergers. Many commentators believe that the “four pillars policy” is based on economic fallacies and is not conducive to the better interests of Australia.

Four pillars policy included below these Banks

List of all Bank in Australia

There are 53 Australian banks are available in Australia. Among them, 9 banks are owned by the government. Below you will get all bank links and information about Banks in Australia.

AMP Bank Limited
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ)
Australian Military Bank
Australian Settlements Limited (ASL)
Auswide Bank
Bank Australia
Bank of Melbourne
Bank of Queensland
Bank SA
Bank of Western Australia
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
Beyond Bank Australia
Clean Energy Finance Corporation
Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Defence Bank
Delphi Bank
Endeavour Mutual Bank
Gateway Bank
G&C Mutual Bank
Greater Bank
Heritage Bank
Hume Bank
IMB Bank
Macquarie Bank
Members Equity Bank
MyLife MyFinance
MyState Bank
National Australia Bank
Newcastle Permanent Building Society
P&N Bank
Police Bank
Qudos Bank
Regional Australia Bank
Rural Bank
St. George Bank
Suncorp Bank
Teachers Mutual Bank
Tyro Payments
Unity Bank
Up Bank
Volt Bank
Xinja Bank
Westpac Banking Corporation

For those who consider a career in the banking sector in Australia, this is the top list of banks in Australia is very helpful on where to start. To get more information, please refer to our list of financial institutions in Australia.

Commonwealth Bank The bank is the biggest bank in Australia and provides a variety of economical products and services. Presently, the company provides retail, commercial, institutional banking and wealth management products and services. As a multinational bank Commonwealth Bank operates its presence in New Zealand, Fiji, Asia, the United States and the United Kingdom. The bank was established in 1911 and its headquarters is located in Sydney. The bank has approximately 51,800 employees are serving through more than 11,000 branches to 16.6 million customers all over the country.

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group ANZ Bank are one of the biggest banks in Australia. The bank was established in 1835 and its headquarters is located in Melbourne. ANZ bank provides several types of banking products and services such as retail banking, corporate banking, small-medium business banking support, Financial products and services. ANZ bank operates in 34 countries in the world. The bank has approximately 46,000 employees are serving throughout the country.

National Australian Bank In terms of assets, it is the third-biggest bank among the top ten banks in Australia. The bank was established in 1982 its headquarters is located in Docklands. NAB bank has approximately 35,065 employees are serving through its 820 banking centers around the country. The bank also operates New Zealand, United States, Asia and Europe and serves 8 million customers globally.

AMP Bank Ltd The bank was established in 1988 and its headquarters is located in Sydney. The bank is one of the top independent asset management companies in Australia and New Zealand. AMP Bank has approximately 6,000 employees are serving all over the country. The bank provides retail banking and various kinds of banking products and services.

Westpac Bank The bank was established in 1817 and its headquarters is located in Sydney. Westpac bank was the first bank in Australia and its name was Bank of New South Wales. In 1982, after BNSW merged with Commercial Bank of Australia, it became Westpac Banking Corporation. The bank has approximately 32,620 employees are serving 13 million customers all over the country.

Bank of Queensland The Bank of Queensland was established in 1874 and its headquarters is located in Queensland. It is Australia’s oldest leading banks. The bank provides retail banking services. The bank has approximately 48,556 employees are serving through 200 branches in all over Australia.

Macquarie Bank Macquarie Bank is Australia’s largest investment bank is Headquartered in Sydney. The bank was established in 1969 to provide asset management and finance, banking, consulting, risk and capital solutions services in the debt, stock and commodity markets. Macquarie Bank is headquartered in Sydney and has 13,597 employees.

Suncorp Bank In Australia and New Zealand Suncorp Bank provides general insurance, banking, life insurance and asset management services. The bank was established in 1902 and its head office is in Brisbane. The Bank employs approximately 13,500 employees are serving nine million customers in Australia and New Zealand.

These are the best and selected banks in Australia. You can visit the site to gather more information. All links and official information are included herewith.

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